Statement - April 2009

In the past year my dancing fingers started to ask for personalities of their own. Mister Pink came to be and joined Horsy on the beach for shared experiences. The conflicted Wolfy was created a few months later, maybe in contrast to Mister Pink's sweetness and wholesomeness.

I like to tell stories and I found out that the most natural path for me is to do so by performing my stories with and building the puppets and the fantasy worlds that surround them. I feel that all the mediums I have been practicing in my life -music, dance, painting and sculpture all come to merge as one in film.

I like small things. I enjoy making the little creatures, clothes and sets. Whether making or performing, in the moment of action, I feel like a child again. I believe that art is made in the place where adulthood and childhood meet. There, I am the happiest of people, and I would like to create this feeling for others through my work.


Leat Klingman