Side view and me

Complete view

Sea and me


Man with hook



Masked man


Boat and man

Front view with windmill

Up view tree


Treasure box

Woman on branch

Flowered man

Woman in hole







Woman in window-boxWoman in window-box (detail)Flowered man (detail)Man on plant (detail)Man on plant


Epic Misplacements
Installation, 2005
Styrofoam, foam core, wood, plastic, wire, thread, paint, glass, cement, fabric, water, plant, light & motion
12x14x12 feet

1. Birdís View, 12x14x12ft
2. Back View
3. Sea & Me, Sea- 2 plastic sheets, blue light, 9x3ft
4. Boat on Sea & Man, Boat- foam core, wire, Styrofoam, thread, 12x9.5x5inch
5. Man wt Hook, Man 22x9cm
6. Treasure Box- wood, plastic, crystals, 3.5x3.5x6inch
7. Woman in Hole, 5x3.5x4inch
8. Upper view of Tree- copper, fabric, enamel
9. Woman on Branch, 4x2x3inch
10. Bird- pillow, yarn, foam core, plastic, feathers, paint, copper, 50x30x9inch
11. Side view & Me
12. Windmill- chicken wire, plastic sheet, 48x60x10x10inch
13. Masked Man- Styrofoam, cloth, on wooden platform wt cement, 5x3x2inch
14. Flowered Man on Plant- copper, paint, 12x24x60inch
15. Flowered Man- Styrofoam, plastic flowers, paint, 9x3inch
16. Man on Plant- plant, engine, plastic
17. Man on Plant
18. Woman in Window box- Styrofoam, water, plastic flowers, window box, 23x7x7.5inch